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How do you increase your storage? Go UP!

by: Chelsea Perkins, Douglas Jessop


Storage isn’t just important at home, it’s also important at businesses. Anthony Evans is the Project Manager for Elite Warehouse Supply. He told me what they do for businesses; “We really solve space optimization. We reduce costs, reduce damage, increase flow, and maximize opportunity.”

Elite Warehouse Supply has designed and installed rack storage systems all across the Intermountain West.

Anthony gave me some examples; “We’ve helped Merit Medical, we’ve helped SunRoc or SunPro as its known today. We’ve also helped a company called Chalk Couture and Rocky Mountain ATV. The latest project has been Bullfrog Spas, at their international headquarters in the Salt Lake Valley.”

I’m always up for a road trip. We visited with Eric Hales, Director of Product Development for Bullfrog Spas.

The new Bullfrog Spas factory in Herriman, Utah is impressive. Hales gave me the tour and told me; “This facility is 265,000 square feet. You don’t have to go larger in footprint, but we can go up. In this facility we can stack our spas much higher than we could in the old one.”

Imagine increasing your storage by four times – the answer? Rack systems.   Read MORE:



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